Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Project & Activity Ideas

At the end of last school I had decided that I wanted to add an activity or project for each geometry unit/chapter.  (Looking over this list, though, I think they could be applied to any class.)  I'm thinking of giving the students (some or all of) these options at the start of each chapter and letting them choose which one to complete. The students would be required to turn in their chapter project no later than the day of the chapter test.  A rubric would be given in advance as well so students know what elements must be included.

  1. Create a video teaching a lesson from this chapter.  The lesson should include examples (not including those given in class) and their solutions.  The file is to be emailed to the teacher.  (Possibly upload to YouTube and email link to the teacher.)
  2. Create a ThingLink of the information in the chapter or in a lesson from the chapter.  See this or this as an example.  The ThingLink should link to at least one of each of the following:  video tutorial, practice quizzes or problems, and informational websites. Altogether, at least 6 links must be present.  The background image should be an original creation.    Note:  Glogster can also be used for a similar purpose.  
  3. Create a review of the chapter's material using Kahoot!, Socrative, or another program accessible through a Chromebook.  The review should include 15-25 questions.  
  4. Create an interactive quiz or interactive presentation using Google Slides that covers the topics from this chapter.  Follow this link for more information.  
  5. Create a comic strip for a lesson from the chapter using Google Slides or PowToon.  (See this for an example of the use of Google Slides and more information.)
  6. Develop an alternative to any of these projects and create it. Note:  Students are to have any alternate ideas approved by the teacher before production of the project.  

Needless to say this is a rough draft of what I am thinking.  I may decide not to give students all of these options for each chapter.  For example, I might use methods 1 and 2 from above for one chapter project, and use 3 and 5 for another chapter.

What do you think?

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