Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2015-2016 Ready for day 1

Ready for day 1:
     While yesterday was the first day that teachers and staff were required to report for this school year, I stared revisiting my mess of a room nearly two weeks ago.  Files are now organized,  shelves are stocked, and (most of) my first day copies are ready.  I'm all ready for students to come in tomorrow!

Here's my setup this year:
     My little corner of organization.  This is just all the things I like to have close at hand.  My wonderful husband came from his room (down the hall) to hang a small magnetic dry erase board I bought from Target.  I intend to use this to keep track of my to do lists and all of those little papers we need to keep at hand.  The yellow folders hanging on the whiteboard is where I keep papers that are graded and ready to be returned to the students.
     These are my bulletin boards.  The one at the back of the room displays the mathematical practices.   The border on both the front and back boards is just gathered pieces of burlap..

     The front bulletin board is just inside the door.  It shows the emergency posters that must be posted and a place for me to write the daily assignments.  I may remove those, though, as I post the assignments multiple places on line already.

     The trays on top of the bookshelf are where students pick up the worksheets or notes that are necessary each day.  The shelves underneath hold the dry erase boards, markers, and erasers, as well as the Chromebooks that I have accessible for my freshmen students to use.  (The sophomores-seniors all have them assigned to them.)  The file boxes on the bottom shelf are a new addition.  I am always looking for ways to organize the worksheets/notes left over each day so that absent students can get ahold of them easily.  I have hanging folders in each day of these week and each day of the previous week.  There is also a folder to hold extra papers for those that are from weeks that have passed.  
     The bookshelf below houses graph paper, scissors, tape, rulers, etc.  
The pictures below show various views of the room. 

I am READY for tomorrow.  Cheers to another great year!

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  1. I hope your first day went well! Our first day with students is August 26th. I'll go in this Monday to set up my classroom.