Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Dreaded Quadrilaterals Test...

The chapter about quadrilaterals in geometry is always one of the worst tests of the year.  The chapter includes SO much vocab - knowing all of the properties for the various quadrilaterals.  Some students work at remembering them, others don't.  Some are successful, but more aren't.  We're approaching that chapter test again this week.  As such, I've put in more time this weekend and the past couple of days preparing activities to help with review.  

Late last week, students completed a paper where they had to identify which quadrilateral(s) possessed a given characteristic. They then had a cut and paste activity with all of the quadrilaterals and their properties. On Monday, the students were given a modified version of this Quadrilaterals Desmos Activity by Lisa Bejarano.  Today in class we practiced determining the type of quadrilateral created by four coordinate points.  Nothing flashy, but I think the kids are feeling more confident about what I expect to see on the test.  Tomorrow the students will complete this Who Am I? Desmos Card Sort, as well as a review worksheet similar to questions they'll see on the test.  My hope is that all of this repetition of the properties will correlate to increased test scores.  

While I feel as though I've done enough, I can't help but wonder if it will be enough.  It's going to be incredibly depressing if I see similar results to what I've seen in recent years on this chapter test.  Only time will tell.

Questions I'm thinking about...
1. How could this information have been presented that would have allowed for more differentiation for students?
2. Could I have incorporated more activities throughout the chapter instead of just at the end?
3. What other ways could we have reviewed these topics - perhaps using our Chromebooks? 

I am, as always, open to suggestions. 


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