Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer has arrived!

Summer break has arrived!  Technically, it arrive about 2 days ago.

This summer's to-do list is quite lengthy.
  • I want to completely rework at least the first semester's worth of geometry materials.  I've managed to make it through 2 units (out of 6) already.  The unit on transformations is my next to tackle and I foresee that taking a bit.  (Add to this we have a new teacher in our department next year that will also be teaching geometry.  I am super happy to have him join us, but I feel like there is that much more pressure on me to be as good as I can be.)
  • I get statistics back next year after a 3 year hiatus.  (We haven't had enough students sign up for the class for it to meet the last 3 years.)  My binder of materials is lacking in the fun-and-engaging category.  
  • PreCalc felt like it flowed well this year, but I would like to be able to cover more material in a year's time.  As it stands right now, we make it through functions first semester and trig second semester.  This year we had about 5 weeks left and began doing some work with derivatives as several of the students in class were registered for a calculus 1 course this coming fall.  I am hoping that #precalchat will help with that a bit.  
  • I start a new Master of Science in Education in Mathematics Teaching program in about 3 weeks.  I am SUPER nervous about this.  I know it is a small class, but I can't help but be curious about the ages of the other students.  Gotta be done, though.  
  • My son joined the Marine Corps and has successfully completed boot camp and his infantry training.  His next level of training will be somewhat lengthy so seeing him some this summer would be lovely but may be a stretch.  
  • The youngest child (to be eighth grader) has recently been asked to join the high school marching band as a mallet player.  This means two weeks of percussion/band camp for this summer have recently been added to her schedule that already included a week at church camp.  
Somewhere in the mix of all this stuff, I want a VACATION!  I'm thinking a beach or Disney World sounds great, but it will (at least partially) be up to the hubs where we end up.  Whatever it is, it needs to be in the next 3 weeks.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  

Here's to a great summer!  Enjoy a cold glass of lemonade, take a dip in the pool, read a good book, do whatever relaxes you and makes you happy.  

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