Saturday, July 18, 2015

Classroom Organization

I've been located in the same room for about 8 years and was fortunate enough to be allowed to paint it a few years ago.  That being said, I've had the room arranged in the same way for most of that time and it is starting to feel "stale."  

Sorry for anyone besides me that reads this.  I just needed to write down all of the things I've been thinking about.  Will post later what I come up with.

Things to work around/figure out:
1.  The one network jack in the room is in the front corner opposite the door.  I do, however, have access to a LONG cable.
2.  The Promethean Board cables that attach to the computer are not that long.  Options:  Leave the computer where it's been or buy longer cables.
3. Organize the furniture so the filing cabinet can be close to my desk.
4.  Keep a table by the door for daily handouts.  (Students pick them up as they enter the room.)
5.  Determine a way to have seating near my desk for students that need help/student worker.
6.  Podium/table at the front of the room?
7.  Have space for at least 27 desks.

Supplies that need to be handy for students regularly:
1.  Graph & Patty paper
2.  Rulers, Compasses, Protractors
3.  Dry Erase Boards, erasers, markers
4.  Scissors & Tape

Organizational things I need to "fix":
1.  A place for students to routinely hand in assignments, quizzes, tests.  Separated by class period?  
2.  A location for handouts for absent students.  (3 different courses = three different locations?)
3.  Desk/bookcase organizer for commonly used folders: copies to make, paperwork to be completed ASAP, etc.  Couple this with #1?
4.  A way to organize student papers:  quizzes, tests, finals, etc

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