Sunday, July 15, 2012

#Made4Math Mondays Week 3

My projects for the first two weeks of #Made4Math Mondays have focused on sewing. This week I decided the sewing machine had seen enough sun for a while and headed instead toward a new experience - Mod Podge.  Beware!  It is as addictive as they say it is.  

Project #1:  A scrapbook covered Pringles can and a scrapbook covered Velveeta box.  In each case, I cut the paper to fit the box and applied a thin layer of Mod Podge (MP), smoothed on a layer of paper, and covered the product with 2-3 thin layers of MP (allowing plenty of time to dry in between coats).   In the image below you can also see a couple of scrapbook flowers that I made.  These have magnets attached to the back.  Cost $0.

Project #2:  This was inspired by a to-do list picture frame that I found on Pinterest.  I started with a plain brown $2 frame from Walmart.  I covered the thin flat portion of the frame with a thin layer of MP, laid on a layer of scrapbook paper and let it dry.  I then took a piece of fine grit sandpaper to the edge.  This eliminates a definite edge to the scrapbook paper and helps ensure it won't peel off in the future.  I also slightly distressed the brown on the rest of the frame.   I then used a cotton ball and some ink to apply some more color to the paper.  The whole project was then coated with MP a couple of times.  Buttons and ribbon were added later for more decoration.  This project cost $6 for the buttons and frame.  
Project #3:  I used MP to adhere some flowery scrapbook paper inside a small canning jar. This will hold paperclips on my desk next to the No Homework slips that I intend to use this year.  (More to come on those at a later time.)  I used the same paper to make a sign for basket, too.  Overall this project cost me $4 for the basket.
Project #4:  I have seen this quote several times in different forms, ranging from a simple paper quote framed like below to its painted image on the wall of a classroom.  In either case, I think that the sentiment it expresses is especially useful in a math classroom.  Cost $2 for the frame.

Overall, these 4 projects seem to cover all the things I need for my desk.  The only thing I am considering is making a small area on the side of my file cabinet for a magnetic area to place papers that don't need to take up space on my desk.  I'm also interested in making a No Name paper sign similar to this but that depends on a) where I would put it in  my classroom and b) if I have time to make it before #TMC12.  


  1. I've not used Modge Podge, but you are definitely tempting me here... what awesome projects!

  2. MAD PODGE!!!! I may jump on that bandwagon in the somewhat near future!

  3. Looks like I'm going to have to get me some of that mod lodge stuff. You all are killing my wallet this summer! Too many good ideas.

    Love what you did with the frame!!!

  4. You can save some money (modge podge is expensive here, maybe not in the States?) by making your own with white glue & water. Just google for a proper recipe!


  5. Love the picture frame to do list. So cute!